Regarding use of our Intensive Care Nursing Home: as a general rule in accordance with long-term insurance care laws, individuals who are certified as in need of long term care categories 3~5 by the certification examination committee are eligible. However, if an individual is certified as requiring long term care categories 1~2 and finding it difficult to live at home for unavoidable reasons or circumstances, they can be considered with the help of the local government. (Matsudo City or Ichikawa City.) In special cases, they may be found eligible.


Process Up Until Use


Consultation / Submission of Necessary Documents

After calling the location, please express your desire to use the facility. After that, either bring in person or mail the required documents listed below. We will send you a guide. (when using mail services, please include a JPY 140 stamp for our reply.)

Operating Facilities can be seen Here(jp)

STEP1:Consultation / Submission of Necessary Documents
Required documents
Documents for you to prepare personally
  • A copy of the individual’s long-term care insurance card
  • A copy of the individual’s long-term care insurance burden ratio certificate
  • A copy of the individual’s long-term care insurance burden limit certificate (Only for those who have received a burden limit certificate)

Interview with a Life Counselor

After the required documents have been received, we will discuss a time and date for arranging an interview with a facility life counselor. During the interview, we will check the current situation of the potential resident and the situation of the family as a whole. We will also explain the main details of the facility.

STEP2:Interview with a Life Counselor

Mind and Body Check

Life counselors and long-term care support specialists will visit your home, hospital, or facility to check on the condition of the potential resident.

STEP3:Mind and Body Check

Admission Decision

The decision regarding entrance will be made after scoring points based on the entrance guidelines determined by the residence review committee at the relevant facility. We will always do our best to complete the decision process, but in some cases it may take some time, so please understand. If the resident is admitted, a life counselor will explain the moving process to you. After confirming that you understand the operating methods and functions of the facility in question, the resident will be admitted.

STEP4:Admission Decision

Moving In

Residents may bring their own personal belongings as long as they do not pose any health or safety risks. For specific details, please discuss with staff. After moving in the necessary items, the moving process is complete.


In this report, we asked a large number of questions
to our operating facilities. Please confirm before inquiry.