Our Principle

Valuing each and every individual.

Providing thorough care

We began with a focus on childcare, but have expanded our services to senior care as well. For that purpose, we have opened both a general nursing home and an intensive care nursing home with the cooperation of related organizations. We at Shinaikai have striven to contribute to the improvement of our local area through childcare where we “value each and every individual”, and make efforts daily in realizing our ideal.
Our values and ideals are unchanged with regards to elderly care as well.
We aim to create our ideal community through providing both childcare and nursing home services in good faith to improve the life and welfare of Matsudo City and the people who live there.

社会福祉法人 親愛会 理事長 久保柴の
社会福祉法人 親愛会 理事長 久保柴の

社会福祉法人 親愛会 理事長 久保柴の


With the intensive care nursing home Shinai No Oka, and the general nursing home Shinai Villa, and the homes within, we provide nursing care designed to fit each individual’s needs. We also hope to connect on even deeper levels than before with our community: from people, to care establishments, volunteers, and local government associations. We will strive to be an existence which contributes to the betterment of society, which can be depended upon by the residents of Matsudo City. Shinai Care Service Co., Ltd., has been active in the industry since 2000. Initially, there were three main services: home-based care, home-visit care, and outpatient care. However, in March of 2006 we opened the Shinai Cattleya building, a nursing home in Kamishiki, and integrated all of our offices into the location. Each office has responded to various home-based nursing care needs in Matsudo City and Ichikawa City. Through specialized care and nursing for clinics with high medical dependence such as gastric fistula, as well as training for massage treatment designed to help patients with mobility and avoiding being bedridden, a lot of connections were formed. The nursing home became full within a year of opening, and has remained full since then. We believe the reason our location has remained so well used and relied upon is through the word of mouth of our clients and the support of others in the industry. We aim to continue building on our home-based services in the region. We long to manage an intensive care nursing home which works as a broad safety net,
with 24-hour, 365-day care catered to fully meet the needs of patients with severe dementia.

Introduction of Services

Intensive Care Nursing Home

We operate an intensive care nursing home for seniors, [Shinai No Oka] located in ______. At Shinai No Oka, we utilize a system called Unit Care, designed to allow residents their own space in order to “live their own life, safely.” We strive to provide care tailored to each resident through multidisciplinary collaboration so that they can receive care in an enriched living environment similar to their own home.


Senior Day Care Center

A facility featuring glass walls and an indoor garden courtyard which provides a feeling of openness. We provide services such as recreation designed through functional training, bathing, and meals. Our location features the latest in recreational facilities, providing 6 varieties of training machines, karaoke, games, and areas to perform gymnastics. While supporting the independence of all residents, we will do our best to support them in any way possible to reduce their physical and mental distress.

Senior Day Care Center


Our “short-stay” program also utilizes the same Unit Care system as our intensive care nursing home. Using a fixed distribution of staff who are clothed casually makes it easier to form familiar and comfortable relationships. We focus on providing care while creating and maintaining a family environment. In addition, we have dedicated physical therapists and language auditors to provide effective individual training, and a well-developed night-time on-call system. Residents can rest assured knowing they’re well cared for.


Care Plan Center

Our intensive care nursing home also features a home care support office.It’s possible to create and customize a detailed plan to meet the various needs of residents ranging from mild to severe cases. We always respect the position of our residents, take great care and consideration towards the thoughts and feelings of family members, and aim to be a trustworthy establishment.

Operating Facilities

Care Plan Center

Nursing Home

Located on the same grounds as Matsudo City’s Shinai No Oka, this facility is often used by those who have a hard time living at home due to economical issues or otherwise. It can house up to 20 people, and it’s easy to adjust schedules. We do our best to provide support for a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle.



Shinaikai’s Unique Traits

Operating multiple services from in-home care to intensive-care homes.

At Shinai No Oka in Matsudo, we offer in-home care in addition to our intensive care nursing home services. For this reason, we are able to provide a series of care services from the use of short-stay care to long-term nursing home care that is possible only at Shinai No Oka. For potential residents, it’s a hassle to search through each and every service and company available. Furthermore, transitioning into a nursing home is much easier when already familiar with day care service or short-stay service. Feel free to discuss plans with us based on the situation and condition of your family members.


Individual Rooms Which Feel Like Home

In order to provide nursing care where each individual is valued, we have prepared separate rooms for residents at Shinai No Oka (all Matsudo rooms are separate, only a portion of Ichikawa are). It’s possible for residents to bring their own favorite items including furniture, home appliances, etc., as long as there are no safety or health risks involved. Residents can receive care in an environment as close to home as possible. We also do our best to match the lifestyle rhythm of each individual concerning circadian rhythm, meal times, and more. Meal times can be private or together with other residents based on personal request, but some consideration must be taken for health needs in some cases.

Providing Care Suited to Each Individual Through Multidisciplinary Collaboration

At Shinai No Oka, we employ caregivers, functional trainers, nutritionists, nurses, care managers, and life counselors. They all cooperate and communicate together to provide necessary support to residents. For individuals with health concerns, nurses will directly consult and discuss with them, and life counselors will maintain direct contact with family members from time to time, allowing for safety and peace of mind. We also employ care managers, so it’s possible to discuss and tailor care plans that fit each individual's situation and condition. Specialists from 6 different fields work and communicate together to provide the ultimate care and service based on each individuals’ health needs and daily lifestyle.


Producing a feeling of openness in a brand new facility

Shinai No Oka Matsudo was created in 2015, and Ichikawa’s location in 2019. They’re quite new facilities. Bathing facilities of each unit are equipped with lifts that allow seated baths, minimizing the burden on both caregivers and residents. Also, hallways were designed to be spacious and non-confining, and the dining space features an island kitchen design to promote ease of communication between residents and staff. At Shinai No Oka Matsudo, the glass-walled exterior gives a great feeling of openness. The view from atop the hill is beautiful, and you can feel the changing of the seasons without going outdoors.