Cherishing Each and Every Individual

Cherishing Each and
Every Individual

Cherishing Each and Every Individual Cherishing Each and Every Individual




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Nursing Care at Shinaikai

At Shinaikai, we contribute to the improvement of our local area through childcare based on the principle: “Valuing each and every individual.” We put forth our best effort to create a safe and vibrant community. Our principles and values are the same in regards to caring for the elderly. We aim to create our ideal community through providing both childcare and nursing home services in good faith to improve the life and welfare of Matsudo City and the people who live there.


Our Strategies

Unit Care

Unit Care

“Unit Care” is the term we use to describe our group living service. Residents can enter a facility that is close to their home environment and live among other residents and nursing staff. Support is of course tailored to each individual’s lifestyle rhythm and personality. We create an environment that is as close to home as possible for each resident so that they may continue the lifestyle they are accustomed to.




The social welfare corporation Shinaikai is headquartered in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, and began as a child welfare corporation. We have deep roots in our community and are now expanding our operations to senior care. We operate our facilities while “valuing each and every individual.”





Recruiting Information

We need more people who are determined to improve the quality of living of those around them. Are you interested in mutual learning through training, committee activities, or event planning? Would you like to work hard and grow as both a care worker and also as a person?